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Team centric, Individuality, Commitment, Simple & Smart

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Our Values

Team Centric

It is all about the team. We enjoy the time together, in and after work and celebrate in times of success and failure. Everybody has his/her strengths and weaknesses and together we complement each other.


We cherish individuality and respect personal identity. We are grown up individuals and we behave as such, enabling a free and open working environment where everybody can contribute and takes responsibility.


Everyone is fully committed in reaching our ambitious goals. We own our problems and help each other overcome them.

Keep it simple and smart

We make things not more complicated then necessary and love simple solutions for difficult problems. We prefer pragmatism over perfectionism. This ensures we stay fast and innovative.

What we offer


You can choose when to work and how much you want to work. We offer marginal, part-time and full-time employment - just tell us what you prefer and we will find an arrangement. Work when you can focus and contribute in the best way.

Learning environment

You do not have to be an expert right now. We offer you an environment, where you are able to learn and apply state of the art technologies - you will grow with us and we will grow with you.

About us

We are an early-stage startup, backed by public funding and are currently developing our product to serve our first customers. We have divers backgrounds from TU Vienna and continue to learn new things every day to improve upon ourselfs and to be ready for the new challenges ahead.

We develop intelligent software to digitize the real estate industry!

Vision and Mission

Vision Architectural information of every real estate digitally available, experienceable, and usable. Mission We automatically analyze existing floor plans, gather the inherent information, and create digital content and visualizations of your real estate within minutes. To elevate the real estate market into the digital age.

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We are looking for

Individuals that bring:

Willingness to learn.
Hands-on mentality.
High level of motivation.
Independent and autonomous working.
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